My name is Andrew Carr and I was born in 1982.

Using landscape as a compositional device, I make abstract paintings that have no reference to actual geographical locations, yet hope to explore a sense of recognition, familiarity and memory, feelings of belonging, and our place in the world we inhabit, physical or otherwise. I try to tread the fine line between making work which is visually challenging, yet still aesthetically beautiful.

My practice is concerned with the constant refinement of a visual language that allows me to express the things I want to express through my paintings, whilst also developing a greater control over my medium in order to allow the language to develop. There is a constant struggle with the paint, trying to coerce it into doing what I need it to do, so I can feel satisfied with what I have accomplished… so that I can make a painting that sits on its own as a resolved object and doesn’t ask anything more from me. I work on 10-20 paintings at a time and pieces can be completed in one sitting, or revisited many times over weeks or months, until I am happy that it is “finished”.

The world was brighter now.
We could see so far.
Everything lasts forever.

I studied at
Kent Institute of Art & Design, Canterbury
University of Chester

I live and work in Stockport, England.