My name is Andrew Carr and I was born in 1982.

At a fundamental level my work is simply about manipulating paint and about making images that are informed by both landscape and abstract painting, but through doing this a unique visual language emerges and evolves.

I am interested in the power of landscape painting to provoke feelings of nostalgia, place, memory and belonging, and also the way abstract painting dances around the contrasting notions of ambiguity and recognition. I hope to create a visceral experience for the viewer which does not necessarily demand intellectual analysis.

I will work on 10-20 paintings at any time, each one a part of a continuous, infinite series… changing, evolving and circling back on itself. Sometimes the work will run off on a tangent for a while, then that idea will collapse and it is necessary to reverse and pick up on an old thread and head in that direction instead, always exploring and probing the process and materials.

I studied at
Kent Institute of Art & Design, Canterbury
University of Chester

I live and work in the north of England.