My name is Andrew Carr and I was born in 1982.

I make paintings about belonging and loneliness, nostalgia, time, distance, fractured memories and half remembered feelings.

The world was brighter now.
We could see so far. 
Everything lasts forever.

My practice is concerned with refining a visual language that allows me to express the things I want to express through my paintings, whilst also developing a greater control over my medium in order to allow the language to develop. There is a constant struggle with the paint, trying to coerce it into doing what I need it to do, so I can feel satisfied with what I have accomplished… so that I can make a painting that sits on its own as a resolved object and doesn’t ask anything more from me. I work on 10-20 paintings at a time and pieces can be completed in one sitting, or revisited many times over weeks or months, until I have that intangible sense that it is “finished”.

I studied at
Kent Institute of Art & Design, Canterbury
University of Chester

I live and work in Stockport, England.